Home Decor

Plaster of Paris Chinese Take Out Menu Mask wall decor. 

A blue Chinese Fan and real menu selections makes this a show stopper item!
After 25 years of ordering up Chinese food every Sunday night one can collect an awful lot of take out menus! Re-purposing them - we'll that only happens once in a lifetime.

Take him home today and an hour later you'll want to get another one!

This is a one of a kind item!  $40

We all loved Elizabeth Taylor for her sparkle and shine and kindness. I've created a Plaster of Paris mask of Liz with rhinestones and those famous cat eyes. As in life, Liz was an original and so is this mask. It will not and cannot be duplicated.

Diamond Jeweled and Plaster of Paris Elizabeth Taylor Mask. 

A one of a kind item!  $45

Plaster of Paris life size Devil Mask.
Yes, he's a little bit creepy but he's also dashing and has a way with the ladies and gentlemen!
Great House Warming Gift!


This treasure box was created from 1904 pine tongue and groove bead board"
The cover is made from 1904 milled pine and the pull is an art deco bronze
It's a one of a kind memory or stash box and real treasure to behold!  $60

Glittering Prize Jewelry Box Space Saver

You don't need to know Simple Minds and still love the Glittering Prize Box! It's a bit decadent with a whole lotta shine! And it is a one of a kid piece that will not be duplicated!

Because the Glittering Prize Box can stand both horizontally and Vertically it is perfect for space tight dressers and furniture. It's a glittering high rise.

Measures 12 inches tall, by 4 inches wide.  $50


Rustic Woodstock Stash Box is the joint to hold your ticket stubs & paraphernalia. Crafted from 1790 barn wood and a fat slab of polished oak and will not be duplicated.